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    • 為什麼是he read the book carefully

      你要看文章的上下文來判別 依你所發問的 "he read the book carefully" 可知此句為過去式 "read"的三態同形 但念法不同 ( /rid/ /rεd/ /rεd/)

    • how, what, which用法的問題

      ...不肯放棄他僅有的那點希望。 But what few books she ever read, she read very carefully. =她沒讀過幾本書,但全都讀得很仔細。 2013-02-25 10:55:56 補充: 謝謝...

    • 有關字幕的翻譯 急件

      ...need to revise. Mix subtitle have one troublesome place to want, listen to when begin, read lines carefully, and when read, take, go, adjust. So sometimes if the low voice very much that performer...