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  1. read in

    • vt.
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    • 寫入,宣讀活動


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    • He reads in the library.改為疑問句

      He reads in the library. Does he read in the library? I play computer...she read the newspaper? 2006-07-03 09:04:10 補充: He reads in the library.He read in the library.I play computer ...

    • read in pairs

      沒有前後文。 但是我猜是 一次念兩句的意思

    • Don't read in bed/on the bed 急

      你的老師沒有錯 in bed - 指在床上睡覺 on the bed - 在床上,但是不是在睡覺 所以 "Don't read on the bed" 是正確的。 在床上做其他的事情,用 on the bed. 在床上睡覺了,才用 in bed.