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  1. read out

    • ph.
      宣讀, 朗聲讀出;宣佈開除
    • 釋義


    • 1. 宣讀, 朗聲讀出 Important notices are read out to the assembled school. 重要通知是在集會上向全校師生宣讀的。 read out the football results 報出足球賽的比分
    • 2. 宣佈開除 They threatened to read him out. 他們威脅要開除他。
    • 3. 【電腦】讀出 The machine will read out the results of the calculation. 機器將讀出運算結果。
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      President read out loud in the third and second of the name, Sophie...and wonder aloud: "wow!" Garden where she carefully put it out, press the "Open" button. No response. She...

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      ...你下班回家時可以順便幫我買個披薩嗎? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. read...out 讀出*開除 *She read out the letter to all of us .她向我們宣讀了...

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      ...聽了一會兒』 2.And read each one "out loud" 這裡的片語是『read out』讀出來,loud高聲地是副詞形容read out. 這句的意思是『大聲地把每一個字都...