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  1. read someone like a book

    • ph.
      understand someone's thoughts and motives clearly or easily
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    • ph.
      understand someone's thoughts and motives easily

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ...間有游泳池和大庭院的房子. 1. I like to read comic books me laugh. (A) made (B) to have made...看會讓我發笑的漫畫書 2. I need someone his work to take out the garbage for...

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      ...,"you can't judge a book by its cover. 有句老諺語...039;t tell what people are like just by looking at ...feel they can learn some thing from reading someone's face. 但是大多數的人認為...

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      ... with fish, and every day she asked someone to read her a particular book on tropical fish. 她變得對魚非常著迷 每一... a clear idea of what tropical fish look like. 她不斷的談到她家中的魚缸 (以至我知道...