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    • 與旅館業相關英文翻譯

      ...tough working hours, and I am ready for it. 2. I am always ready to experience different...well-served. I know I should work hard for it, but I will not and never ask tips from...

    • 英文造句 急

      拜託~~ but get up have to get ready for stay in bed 謝謝 It is hot in summer here, but it is not cold in winter. 這裡夏天熱, 但...

    • ready for 後面接動詞的話要變成動名詞嗎?

      ... has to make a sentence. Peter,it is your ( ) to say a sentence. (A)turn...邏輯不符, 因為has to是表義務, 而非權利. 2.ready for 後面接動詞的話要變成動名詞嗎? 是的. 例: He...