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  1. real-time reporting

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    • 請幫忙”翻譯” EMR ~贈15點

      ...), which is almost 6 times the dose-based reporting rate to VAERS. We believe that elicited surveillance via real time prompts to clinicians holds substantial promise...

    • 有關於生物晶片專題上的一小段..急

      先前,我們示範了如何以微滴即時聚合酶連鎖反應(microdroplet real-time PCR)偵測單一拷貝的DNA病毒牛痘病毒(vaccinia)。由於最近許多...

    • 一則財經新聞英翻中

      According to a draft of new taxation schemes reported by the media, real estate changing hands multiple times within a year would incur taxes of as much as 30 percent of the transaction ...