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  1. reality principle

    • n.
      the ego's control of the pleasure-seeking activity of the id in order to meet the demands of the external world.
    • noun: reality principle, plural noun: reality principles

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    • 簡單英文怎麼翻?!

      ... branch of philosophy that investigates ultimateprinciples of reality, esp. those principles not subject to empirical conformation 2) All speculative philosophy

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      雖然採訪被舉辦了說謊者和真相出納的同一時尚,然而說謊者有採訪者相信的強烈的感覺他們是有罪,支持的假說7 (“透明度幻覺”原則)。 或者,有罪應答者也許相信採訪者“一定善於他的工作”並且知道他們說謊。 警察是好測謊器,然而的概念,不反射現實(Vrij 2004...

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