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    really and truly

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    • 請問英文好的 翻譯一下 my heart. 僅管如此,我的心還是動搖了。 I will love you if you really and truly love me! 倘若你是真心真意的話,我將愛上你。 ***************************** 也就是...

    • 請外語能力滿分的您幫我翻譯以下短文章,謝謝。

      ... hard to make new friends for me. But you were really friendly and elegant, it truly was a spectacular feeling 我決定重新向妳自我介紹! So ...

    • 請問這段英文翻譯有錯麻?

      ... , I ' m really love you.   really改成 truly(用在於說法、感覺上等用truly比較好一點點...最後這字拼錯,修正改成much)       三.    And you? I love you so much, and you?(這樣接...