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    • 英文:appreciate人後加?

      ...的修飾語,用來限定其範圍。 appreciate是「完全及物動詞」。 I really appreciate your kindness. =我極感謝你的厚意。 沒有在後面加上介系詞片語時,不...

    • 請幫我把這兩句英文改寫

      "I really appreciate my sister, because she always teaches me a lot of things...since he always help me on my Math." revise to "I really appreciate that I have a great family which makes me learn a lot of ...

    • 快 英文高手請進~~贈20點

      I really appreciate your encouragement and guidance for the pass couple of days, you not only... me finish my school works. Also, This really was an unforgiveable experience because of our meetings, let ...