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    • 請問domain,field,realm,territory

      ...most of the time. 作為地質學家,我們大部分時間在野外工作。 5.【物】場;【數】域[C] It shows the...不及物動詞 intransitive verb) 1.【棒】【板】擔任外野手 realm 1.【書】王國;國土,領土 The king sought to...

    • 神鬼奇航2的10個句子的翻譯@@

      ...not going to eat you .我又沒要吃你! 4.Then what it ?啥東東? 5.I am afraid currency is the currency of the realm.我害怕這錢是他們的。 6.We can come to some sort of understanding...

    • 請幫我翻譯有關於國王企鵝的相關資料中譯英

      ...collectively breeds and there is realm, each time to realm scope about 1 m square.Don't build nest, each the nest... is looked after about a year.5-7 years old attain sex mature.Penguin very longevity...