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  1. recept

    • KK[ˋrisɛpt]
    • DJ[ˋri:sept]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 可以幫我翻譯(英翻中)

      ... at the ends of bacteria's fimbria attached to recept on the bladder wall. 尿道炎最常見的成因是大腸桿菌,它們的邊緣毛的末端,有...

    • 英文文法結構---介系詞遇到名詞子句

      ...Moreover, it is nothing unusual to hear about how some reputable charity organizations are involved in corruption and withhold money time and again in the wake of horrible disasters,which.... 畫線部分是名詞子句當介系詞about的受詞。 只要是名詞性質的單字...