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  1. reciprocal cross

    • n.
      a pair of crosses between a male of one strain and a female of another, and vice versa.
    • noun: reciprocal cross, plural noun: reciprocal crosses

  2. 知識+

    • Leader-member exchange

      ...manager employee relation, but not in terms of motivation. Furthermore, crossed-lagged modeling analyses of the longitudinal data explored the possibility of reciprocal effects between implicit explicit leadership traits difference and LMX...

    • 請幫我校正一篇設計文章的英文~20點呦

      ...溝槽 Such image was developed into the cross ditches on the LCD cover. 此外, traditional Chinese desk, which consists of reciprocal curves. 在此設計上可見東方的元素,為此現代...

    • 請英文達人幫忙翻譯~勿使用翻譯軟體!(偏向護理科系的內容)

      限制因素 雖然這項研究的高反應度,將沒回應偏誤減少到最低使其影響研究成果,但是我們的研究仍有些限制。 首先,這些取樣的人口裡因為便於取樣,需在一個區域中, 因此這項研究的普遍程度是有限的。 第二, 雖然對於樣品人口中其被限制且需長其追蹤被批評, 意圖沒被在研究...