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  1. reckon without

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    • 1. 未考慮到 When he decided to go he reckoned without Mary. 他決定去的時候沒有把瑪麗考慮在內。



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      ...when I kept saying no while he kept on begging without reckoning what feeling it was. What perfect imaginations i have...

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      ... of speech, on vigour and self-confident without Chinese transalation are self-explanatory,please...saga=story sage=wise person salute=greet satisfy=make happy score=reckoning scrutiny=inspection searching=thorough security=safety sedulous...

    • 中翻英 不可用翻譯機 is a good thing. (2)I reckon makeup shall be more attractive. (3)I know what I...from many others. (8)I have my own style without the influence of others. (9)I do know my...