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  1. recoil on


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    • 1. 使得到報應 The damage recoils on his own head. 他害人反害己。
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    • 請問喊口令的英文怎麼說?

      ...flash of light, and four barrels slid back in the recoil like huge pistons. 還有這篇(http://www.... military commands still be heard on the old parade grounds? Do the plaintive ...

    • before及after的詳細用法

      ... shortly after. 不久以後他們抵達了。 2. 在後面,隨後 Tom went on Monday, and Mary left the day after. 湯姆星期一走的,瑪麗第二天...

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      20. C. Jumped to debate (verb) 原型動詞前用to (if (D), jumped into debating 名詞) 21. D. in the likeness (noun) of men (the 之後必須用名詞) 22. B. concerning (= which concerns) 23. B. known as (=which is...