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    • 償還,賠償,補償,扣除補償損失
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    • 我想要問這個標題要怎麼翻譯

      underpayment 繳的太少   wage     爭取工資   Recouping   賠償     合成起來叫做:追付工資       2007-06-06 09:32:44 補充: 應該是這樣啦!! 因為我英文頗爛 ...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一句:當我慢跑累了~~(贈20點)

      When I am jogging, I would switch to a walk if I am feeling tired; and as I recoup my strength, I would switch to a run again. The cycle would then go on like that.

    • 藍玫瑰英文怎拼?

      ... would be able to capture 5% of the ... means that t.....have difficulty in recouping their ...... 網址