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  1. recovered

    • IPA[rɪˈkʌvəd]



    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 康復的 she isn't fully or completely recovered 她尚未完全康復
  2. 知識+

    • recover from怎麼造句??(急)

      recover from 是動詞片語 自疾病或異常狀態恢復(常態) . 恢復 [ 正常健康, 等等 ] Ex; . She went to school last week, . after she recovered from her illness . 她恢復健康後, 上週就去學校上課. . She couldn...

    • get over and recover from

      get over 的意思比 recover from 多, 其中一個意思是 "從~恢復", 當此意思時用法及意思跟 recover...get over your shyness. (你會很快克服你的羞怯) 此時 get over 就不能用 recover from 取代了.

    • 兩個很簡單的英文問題

      she took some medicine and thus recovered from the bad cold gradually. 中ㄉ..........and thus recovered...如下: she took some medicine, and thus she recovered from the bad cold gradually. 使這句子變成兩個對等...