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  1. rectangles

    • rectangle的名詞複數
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    • rectangle這個字怎麼背比較好記?

      angle是角落,角度的意思, rect 是"方正的" 的意思,加起來就是長方形. 小撇步: 長方形有四個角,所以要記得angle的前面有四個字母: rect. 三角形有三個角,angle前面有三個字母:tri ("三"的字根).

    • 英文數學問題4題

      ...x-0.04(x-10)=96.4 x-0.04x+0.4=96.4 0.96x=96 x=100 4. the perimeter of a rectangle is 84 meters. if the width is 16 meters less than the...

    • need solution

      1. If You divid the rectangle at middle point of each side, you will get 4 rectangle and each has area of 2...