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    recuperate from

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    • 咆嘯山莊的大意(英文的)

      ..., and she remains with the Lintons for several weeks while recuperating from her injury. After becoming acquainted with the ...

    • 中文翻成英文, 20點

      ...疾病) 2) "alternative medicine"/ "complementary medicine" 自然療法 3) recover/ recuperate from ...康復 4) leave ...aside: not consider something 5)steep oneself into 浸淫...

    • 請幫我翻譯,不藥是翻譯網翻的喔

      ... to promote the health through water, it stems from the 16th century one in the South of spring usually, SPA meant originally that recuperated in the centre in the hot spring, or the so-...