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  1. red blood cell


    • ph.
      = erythrocyte
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    • ph. 紅血球

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    • Respiratory System

      1) The red blood cell enzyme carbonic anhydrase contains the metal zinc. 紅血球酵素「碳酸酐酶」含有...和一些海鮮。 A zinc deficiency does not reduce the number of red blood cells, but it does impair respiratory function by reducing carbon dioxide output...

    • I have a question

      Red blood cell 就是紅血球 excessive amount就是過多 簡單來說 這病叫做 "紅血球過多症" 紅血球...

    • for credit or reissue 是什麼意思?

      Percentage of red blood cell units or other blood components that are not transfused...也未送回血庫用作貯存或再利用的某百分比部份之紅血球或其他血液成分 other blood components ; 指紅血球以外的血液成分, 亦即白血球、血漿與血小板等...