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    • 地方副詞倒裝問題

      Through the door came Miranda, the girl with the red hair. 這句是倒裝句,主詞是Miranda,動詞是came 你不能把動詞放到...

    • [Grammar] She has red hair.

      1. What color of hair does she have? 2. Since when has he lived in Hong Kong? 2010-07-25 20:35:46 補充: No.2 can also be: How long has he lived in Hong Kong?

    • of the women in the group與另句差異

      5 percent of a group of people are women with red hair. 一群人(不管你用何種分類條件來取樣組成的)裡,其中百分之五的人是紅髮...