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  1. red-letter day


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    • 1. 節日;紀念日;值得慶祝的日子 It's been a red-letter day. I aced the math test and made a date with Mary. Besides, Dad gave me an old car! 這是個值得慶祝的日子。我數學考試得A,跟瑪莉約會,加上爸爸又送我一部舊車。
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    • 有人可以提供”顏色的俚語”附加英文的嗎??

      red-letter day 喜慶的日子 red in tooth and claw 血淋淋、殘酷無情 a red rag to a bull...事物 white lie 善意的謊言 black and white 是非分明、好壞、對錯 black-letter day 倒楣的一天 not as black as he/she/it is painted 不像別人...

    • 英文color 的象徵?

      a red-letter day 重要或值得紀念的日子red with anger 氣炸了a red light 危險或災難將臨a red light district 風化區a red herring 分散注意力的事物red tape 繁文縟節the yellow press...

    • 有關幾個英文諺語...

      ...負債 例句:I'm $100 in the red this month.我這個月負債一百元。 letter day 大喜之日;發生好事的一天 例句: It was a real red letter day...