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  1. reducing agent

    • n.
      a substance that tends to bring about reduction by being oxidized and losing electrons.
    • noun: reducing agent, plural noun: reducing agents

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    • about tin!!!! science!! 20 pt

      ... is stannous chloride, which has found use as a reducing agent and as a mordant in the calico printing process. Electrically conductive...

    • [英翻中]有好心人可以幫我翻譯嗎??

      操作生產鎂金屬, 然後被熔鑄入錠為進一步處理成各種各樣的shapers.In 熱量減少方法, 礦物岩石包含鎂(白雲岩菱鎂礦, 和其它rocks)is 被劃分與脫氧劑(譬如鋼和silicon).by 搽粉的硅鐵合金加熱混合物在真空分庭。由於這反應。鎂形式蒸氣, 和他們凝聚入鎂水晶...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯三題有關復健科英文?

      1. Treatment with any other therapeutic agent targeted at reducing TNF-阿法( e.g. pentoxifylline, thalidomide, etanercept ) or any systemic immunosuppressant...