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  1. reference book


    • n.
      a book intended to be consulted for information on specific matters.;another term for pass
    • noun: reference book, plural noun: reference books

  2. 知識+

    • 幫忙修改英文作文

      Nowadays reference books seem to become essential for junior high school students... personally think it is not necessary, because reference books literally means for reference only. Students...

    • REFERENCE 和 GUIDANCE 應如何區分使用

      ... letter. 你信裏沒有提到你的計劃。 •A book of reference = a reference book 參考書。 •Who are your references 你的證明...

    • if後面接什麼

      他的原句應該是You can use these reference books,if you needed. 你可以使用這些參考書,如果你需要的話,if所引導的是條件句, 這不是假設語氣唷! 因為主詞相同所以可以省略,可以用過去分詞代替