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  1. reflexive pronoun


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      【文】反身代詞(如He cut himself中的himself)
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    • 反身代名詞所有格代名詞人稱代名詞文法問題

      1. "myself" is a reflexive pronoun, used when the subject of the sentence and the object... an object. Obviously you need a object pronoun, such as me, you, her, him, it...

    • her or herself

      "herself" is a reflexive pronoun. Both "herself" and "her..., because "her" is not reflexive. Now, let go back to your questioned...

    • pronoun

      ...can’t do it. I am the man who called you yesterday. 6.Reflexive Pronouns反身代名詞 The reflexive pronouns (which have the same forms...