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    • 形容詞不定詞還是名詞不定詞?

      1.His refusal to accept their offer was a surprise to me. 2.I...補充: 您提供之連結網頁上6樓大大的解說, 有許多並不正確. refusal=to accept their offer (X) <--- 不是同位語 advice...

    • 這裡的suggest可用過去式嗎?

      ...cause of the problem, as Hutton suggests, is the leadership refusal to accept any form of criticism.如果用suggests表示事實,用現在式沒錯如果用...

    • 英文情緒動詞

      ... and Chiayi _exhausted (exhaust) me. 27.His refusal to accept her invitation annoyed (annoy) her a lot. 28.The news...