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  1. refuse bin

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    • about sociolinguists question

      ...:- b and d; (Not c and d.) (a)--->b means deposite--->.put; Refuse--->rubbish receptacle---->bin (C)---->d means tender---->give exact fare---->right money state destination...

    • 垃圾桶的英文....

      各有許多不同說法... 垃圾 rubbish; refuse; waste(s); (Am.) garbage; trash 垃圾車 a garbage truck; a dust-cart 垃圾場 a dump; a wasteyard; a scrap heap 垃圾堆 a garbage dump; a rubbish dump; a garbage heap 垃圾箱 a garbage bin; a garbage can; a litter bin; a rubbish bin