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    regardless of expense

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    • 煩人的英文合約~~請高手幫忙翻譯!

      翻譯如下: 賣方必須賠償並讓ABC、其關係企業和從屬公司(包含其代表人、 董事、主管和員工、經銷商和代理商)不會因合約中賣方提供的產品或有關的東西而受到任何損害(包含所有的責任、索賠、要求、訴訟、成本或費用,包含但不限於人身傷害(包含死亡)以及財產損失,不論...

    • 野柳資料中翻英1

      ...that hold a part-time job and subsidize the family expenses. Tourists of several overseas Chinese (students...among sea since slip drop,in by forest last hardwood, regardless of the weather to split malicously and one's...

    • 我需要英文例句!!!

      ... what he thought was right regardless of what people said about him. 8. on the...down on You have to cut down on your expenses. 10. by far He is by far the most...