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  1. regular guy

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    • 1. 好人 You'll like Tom. He's a regular guy. 你會喜歡湯姆的。他人很好。
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    • 請幫我翻譯這幾句英文句子 急~~

      ...而且我猜我長大到可以合我的大褲子了. 10.I bet I could pass for a regular guy 我打賭我裝成一個大人,可以騙過別人 11.It’s happening again...

    • 幫我看看英文 2個問題 <20>

      ...that [is] sharp about events; I'm just not [as] careful [as] a regular guy. I used to make jokes about [不可以放the] [Judy] body...

    • 急~~英文謎語大難題2~~幫幫忙

      1.The three people wearing regular casual clothes, the guy said “Oh please. I didn’t do...the nurse. If it is true, either the dead guy or the dead man is John. 4....