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    • 拜託幫忙翻譯,急 贈20

      ...並且人際的信任控制所在地(Rotter, 1980).Need 價值描述重要性對reinforcers 寬廣的組個體(即, 認識和狀態) 。出席作者爭論了(喜悅2000) Premack...

    • 電影怒犯天條中聖經問題,急!!! 救!!!

      ...犯法"? That's why law usually weighs more on people such as law reinforcers (say, police) and soldiers. 在人間的人們即使是做了大惡的事,上帝也...

    • intraverbals是什麼意思?

      ... in a number of ways, with praise, generalized reinforcers, or, naturally, with a continuation of the conversational exchange, i.e., "Wow...