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  1. rejuvenate

    • IPA[rɪˈdʒuːvəneɪt]


    • v.
      give new energy or vigour to; revitalize;restore a youthful appearance to
    • verb: rejuvenate, 3rd person present: rejuvenates, gerund or present participle: rejuvenating, past tense: rejuvenated, past participle: rejuvenated

    • 釋義


    • 1. give new energy or vigour to; revitalize the exercise and fresh air rejuvenated me a new challenge may be just what he needs to rejuvenate his career
    • restore a youthful appearance to exfoliation rejuvenates the skin
    • restore (a river or stream) to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape the streams, rejuvenated by the earlier retreat of the sea, have cut sharp V-shaped canyons in their lower courses
  2. 知識+

    • rejuvenating conditioner 是啥意思呀

      rejuvenating conditioner 修復潤髮乳rejuvenating conditioner 回復青春的潤膚乳液 圖片參考:http://www.theorganichouse...和潤髮乳﹐不知道要幾星才會供應回春潤膚乳液哩﹐拿來洗頭髮﹐安啦﹗(而且潤膚乳液有SKIN夾在rejuvenating conditioner中間﹐不知大大有沒有看見﹖)。飯店旅館可能供應潤膚乳稱作body lotion.

    • 英文翻譯中文(小廣告)作業急需 幫幫忙

      .... Professional Relaxing. 專業級紓壓, 美化身, 心, 靈. Rejuvenating NT$1,800/hr 青春駐顏, 撫平歲月之痕: ㄧ小時只要1800元 Tel...

    • 請幫我看這些保養品正確名稱

      1.Beauty all in one Rejuvenating Mist 活膚噴霧 Aftern cleasing...或適當的量 3.Plant Serum Rejuvenating Solution 植物精華活膚配方 ...