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    • 請問英文文法when

      ...coherent when, its sentences are related to each other, not only in content but also in grammatical ...明白, 請補充發問. 2011-09-16 10:15:23 補充: To Shawn大: 非也, 非插入句. 2011-09-19...

    • ((((急)))) 關於喜福會這部電影的三個英文問題

      ...and younger generations in the film experience in trying to relate to each other? Generation Gap: It's a story about eight women...

    • the blind side 裡面一句英文

      ...關聯到」,不是一個動詞片語「理解」。 例如: The two problems relate to each other. 這兩個問題彼此之間互有關連。 to each other 是單獨存在的介係詞片語,有寫...