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  1. relations

    • relation的名詞複數
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    • relation和relationship有何不同?

      relation ( 名詞 noun ) 1. 【事】 關係,關聯,交情 《例句》 ·be out of all relation to...=bear no relation to 和…完全不相稱 ·have...簡單來說,relationship只能只人與人之間ㄉ關係,而relation可以只有關聯,像指國家之間ㄉ或列舉/說明.

    • semantic relations

      I. Semantic relation的定義 “a relation between meanings” ( to that of another word 3) holonymy (從屬關係) 針對局部和全體 the semantic relation that holds between a whole and its parts 4) hyponymy (階層關係...

    • relation和relationship有何不同

      relation 名詞 n. 1. 關係,關聯[U][(+between/to)] Their relation seemed quite close. 他們的關係似乎十分密切...relationship yet. 瑪莉對進入新的戀愛關係還沒有準備。 relation 的關係較為實際 而relationship 的關係較為虛擬