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  1. relative clause


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    • 為什麼要學關係子句呢?如何用呢?20點。

      關係子句(Relative Clause): 這裡所指的關係子句是由簡單的關係代名詞...2.非限制的關係子句(Nonrestrictive Relative Clause): 如果先行詞所指的物件已明確(如my...

    • relative clause ~~

      ...25:20 補充: => With this example, it does make sense to have several relative clauses in one sentence. However, you can also break up the sentence into two or three...

    • 雙重限定句子,請還原本句

      First, let me use "single" relative clause as an example to explain: I like the person...doesn't matter "single" or "double" relative clause. The principle is the same. 2014...