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  1. relative poverty

    • KK[ˋrɛlətɪv ˋpɑvɚtɪ]
    • DJ[ˋrelətiv ˋpɔvəti]


    • ph.
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    • 20點!請以英文撰述Globalisation!

      ... significant immigration quotas, give preference to relatives of nationals or to highly qualified or... continue to genrate substanial unemployment and poverty, it will become neccessary to put in place programmes...

    • 可以翻一篇英文?

      ...a general manager Very rich and very rich But relative His soul is very hollow And stayed at leading lady's side originally Though life poverty But Whole family's sum is happy...

    • (#2)翻譯 幫幫忙~ 高點數

      改革派努力更新了一項對通過加強財產權的新法令,該法令在三月份通過,並於十月份正式生效,批判者抱怨這將保護舊制因民營化而以低廉價格購買國家資產的人 EPA(圖片) 有些人是比其他人公平的(圖片) 共產黨將這與資本主義的槍桿子連結在一起,重慶西南市的黨...