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    • relative pronouns

      Relative pronouns can be the SUBJECT or OBJECT of the adjective clause... the the object of the sentence and it's a person, so you must choose a relative pronoun---that or whom. --------> The man (whom/that) ...

    • relative和relation的差別

      ...表示有「血緣或婚姻關係的親人」這個意義上,relative 和 relations 意思是一樣的。例如在法律...恐怕語意會不清楚。我會寫 I have 100 relatives. 可是,relatives 除了血緣和婚姻產生...

    • relative clause ~~

      ...25:20 補充: => With this example, it does make sense to have several relative clauses in one sentence. However, you can also break up the sentence...