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  1. relaxing

    • KK[rɪˋlæksɪŋ]
    • DJ[riˋlæksiŋ]


    • adj.
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[rɪˈlæksɪŋ]



    • adj.
      使人放鬆的 she spent a relaxing weekend at home 她在家裡過了一個輕鬆的週末
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    • relax的用法?

      到底relax後面可不可以加反身代名詞?? 可以 要明確的說明,使用時機!! 補習班敎的跟學校的不一樣!! I like to relax myself through swimming. He relaxes himself from...

    • 何謂Relaxed Pronunciation?

      發音不清楚的含糊帶過 用在口語中 Relaxed pronunciation (also called condensed pronunciation or word slurs...

    • 求中翻英~relax

      ...or nervous, I may choose to listen to some soft music with fluent speed in order to relax my whole body. Or maybe I'll consider to watch a comedy with some...