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  1. release

    • IPA[rɪˈliːs]



    • vt.
      釋放; 將某人/某物從…中解救出來;免除…的債務; 免除…的責任
    • n.
      釋放;公開發行; 公映
    • 過去式:released 過去分詞:released 現在分詞:releasing

    • 名詞複數:releases

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 釋放; 將某人/某物從…中解救出來 to release sb./sth. from sth. 將某人從…中釋放出來 to be released from captivity 被釋放
    • 2. 免除…的債務; 免除…的責任 to release sb. from sth. 免除某人的 she released him from his promise 她使他不必履行承諾
    • 3. 開啟; 打開; 拉動; 鬆開
    • 4. 放開; 鬆開 to release one's hold (of sth.) 鬆開(拿著的某物) to release one's grip (on or of sth.) 鬆開(抓緊的某物)
    • 5. 發射; 投放; 射出; 放飛 to release sth. from sth. 從某處射出某物
    • 6. 發布; 發表; 公開 to release sth. to sb./sth. 向某人/某處公布某事
    • 7. 發行 new products released on to the market 投放市場的新產品 to release sth. to sb./sth. 對…發行某物
    • 8. 放開對…的控制
    • 9. 釋放; 排放 to release sth. into/from sth. 將某物排入某處/從某處排出 growth hormone is released into the blood during sleep 生長激素在睡眠時被釋放到血液中
    • 10. 發洩
    • 11. 緩解
    • 12. 放棄


    • 1. 釋放 to pay a ransom for sb.'s release 支付贖金使某人獲釋 release from sth. 從…中的解救
    • 2. 公開發行; 公映 to be due for release 預定公開發行 to be/go on general release 公開發行/開始公開發行
    • 3. 新發行的產品
    • 4. 解脫 a feeling or a sense of (intense) release (強烈的)解脫感 to come as or be a (welcome) release (from sth.) 是一種(可喜的)(從…中的)解脫
    • 5. 釋放; 排放 the release of sth. into the atmosphere 某物向大氣中的排放 the release of water from a dam 水壩的放水
    • 6. 發射 the aircraft turned away after the release of its bombs 飛機投放炸彈後便掉頭飛走了
    • 7. 移動; 鬆開 release of the catch starts the mechanism 鬆開鎖扣就能啟動這個機械裝置 the release button 鎖鍵
    • 8. 擒縱裝置; 操作手柄; 操控桿; 固定裝置
    • 9. 發布; 發表; 公開
    • 10. 聲明 to put out a release 發表聲明 to issue a news release 發表新聞稿
    • 11. 許可 release for shipment 啟運許可 the release of goods against payment 付款發貨
    • 12. 棄權文書 release forms/documents 轉渡表/文件


    1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free

    2. remove restrictions or obligations from (someone or something) so that they become available for other activity

    3. allow (information) to be generally available

    4. make (a film, recording, or other product) available to the public

    5. remit or discharge (a debt)

    6. the action or process of releasing or being released

    7. the action of making a film, recording, or other product available to the public

    8. a film or other product made available to the public


    「1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free」的反義字

    「2. remove restrictions or obligations from (someone or something) so that they become available for other activity」的反義字

    「3. allow (information) to be generally available」的反義字

    「4. remit or discharge (a debt)」的反義字

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