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    • 請問green house effect ?

      ...給你做個參考 People are releasing lots of carbon dioxide into the air from burning fossil fuels in ... several ways to cut down on the energy and waste this produces. ...

    • 英文高手(中翻英)一些小段落???急~~~~

      ...released from a cigarette creates less pollution than the smoke released from a motorcycle. The exhaust released by an automobile creates a great deal of pollutions in the air. Above all, factory emissions create the greatest damage to the...

    • 請幫我check哪裡錯誤(英文高手請進入)

      ... would like to visit most is Maldives. Because that releases tons of CO2 into the air, leading to global warming .Maldives will vanish from the earth. 這邊我必須提醒您,never start a sentence with words like &ldquo...