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  1. remaining

    • IPA[rɪˈmeɪnɪŋ]


    • adj.
      still existing, present, or in use; surviving;not yet used, dealt with, or resolved; outstanding
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    • IPA[rəˈmāniNG]


    • adj.
      still existing, present, or in use; surviving: Lilly was my last remaining close relative the few remaining employees are working part-time

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • leave and remain 的差別?

      remain (動詞) 意指:保持、仍然、繼續存在 用法1: (一般常用用法)→ remain(動詞) + 副詞 例句: My mother wants....(即將放假兩週) 1. The catastrophe remained the local inhabitants homeless. 大災難仍然...

    • 連綴動詞;remain;第二句型

      ...動詞如果後面不接補語的話,句子會不完整。 She remained. 她留著。(不完整) She lived. 她住...希望這樣的解釋你聽得懂~^^ 2006-08-16 15:49:40 補充: remain的意思是保持某種狀態、仍舊是、留下等。當連綴動詞...

    • remain這單字!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      關於remain這個連綴動詞 後面可以加 adj. N. as N . remain 是不及物動詞或稱為 連綴動詞 . 主詞 + 不及物動詞 + 主詞補語 [S...