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    • 1. 談論 Everyone remarked loudly on his absence. 人人都在高聲談論他的缺席。
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    • 'stupid' remark翻成中文

      ... Wang Chien-shien to apologize for his controversial remark on criticizing college students working part-time jobs...

    • 什麼是Chance remark?

      ... to bring me presents and a chance remark(偶然察覺到) about his accent reveals he us to practically explode with rage over the dirty laundry on the floor, or the third glass of milk spilt in the course...

    • 拜託幫我翻譯2段中文 [中翻英]20點

      ... student copied someone else's homework and there were many remarks on the homework. He thought Teacher wouldn’t find out, but...