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    • 異常的,非凡的,顯著的;值得注意的
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    • remarkable and unlikely?

      sounds remarkable and unlikely:聽起來很讚卻不可能成真

    • 類似WOMDERFUL 的單字有哪些

      marvelous remarkable striking astonishing incredible extraordinary exceptional superb magnificent miraculous splendid fabulous pleasant delightful enjoyable spectacular 2009-05-04 22:21:25 補充: 順便一提,是 wonderful 喔,不是 womferful!

    • 請幫我分析一下此句的文法結構,謝謝!

      ...錯過這場演出. 現在來看版主的句子: This disparity is all the more remarkable given the striking similarities between the two ...