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  1. remark

    • IPA[rəˈmärk]


    • v.
      say something as a comment; mention;regard with attention; notice
    • n.
      a written or spoken comment;notice or comment
    • verb: remark, 3rd person present: remarks, gerund or present participle: remarking, past tense: remarked, past participle: remarked

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    • IPA[rɪˈmɑːk]


    • v.
      say something as a comment; mention: ‘Tom's looking peaky,’ she remarked he remarked that he had some work to finish
    • n.
      a written or spoken comment: I decided to ignore his rude remarks

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • once??remark??

      once不是一但嗎?remark是注意的意思嗎?? once (ad)曾經 remark (v) 說 (say) he once remarked他曾經...

    • 什麼是Chance remark?

      1. chance remark 有"偶然提及的, 察覺到的"意思, (乃非正式的, off the way or by the way的意思) chance有"偶然"的意思 remark 有"察覺, 注意到"的意思 e.g. A chance remark(偶然提及的事) from...

    • 關於英文comment.discuss.remark的用法?

      ...comment: 通常要知道你的見解或意見 ex: I need you comment in my work. remark: 是備註或著要加註什麼東西之類的事 ex: I remark something in my paper...