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  1. remittance method

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    • 1. 匯款方式 You should choose a remittance method ASAP. 你應該盡快選擇一種匯款方式。
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    • 懇求幫忙 SOS~~~付款條件的英文翻譯

      Method of payment:Payment by irrevocable, to confirm that.Deposit (Remittance/Cash): the seller designated inspection site, unmistakably representative ...

    • 有幾句關於購物的英文...

      .... 用電子郵件查看訂單 4) Remittance 匯款 匯錢 一般Remittance 是當做匯款 郵政劃撥來用 線上刷卡通常是Credit card payment 或是他會給你選擇 Payment method 付款方式等等 可以再度跟賣家確認

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯...一小段話

      ... a traditional business method of payment another a major type is an electronics method of payment. Traditional payment:Postal remittance, cash on delivery, the bank remittance transfer, credit card Electronic payment...