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  1. removals

    • removal的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • 撕毀防偽標籤保固無效----請問一下這句如何英翻??謝謝

      Removal of this sticker/label will result in invalid/void warranty 有 / 的字請自行選擇 如果...label invalid 跟 void 的意思一樣~ 任一都可以 2005-03-13 15:28:13 補充: 可以~ Removal of the anti-counterfeit label will result in "in"valid warranty ** 是 invalid 不...

    • 翻譯環工專業英文

      ... activated carbon 粉末活性碳 ozonisation 臭氧化 nitrate removal 氮化物移除 ammonia removal 氨移除 fluoride addition 氟化物添加 phosphate...

    • paper部分翻譯

      ... to the need for systematic evaluation of actual pet removal by parents of asthmatic children"“這表明...also a popular subject in studying. "Pet hair removal" is what I cited on the website, too...