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    • 麻煩幫我食譜中翻英(DAN PAN JI)

      1. Remove the feather and the yellowish waxy substance on the skin of around the neck of the cornish to remove the lymph glands. Clean... pepper slightly, remove from the oil and discard. 3. Re-heat...

    • 英文翻譯~請各位大大幫幫忙~很急~文章在內容裡

      当刀片從水时,被去除結束發生。 在這個事件手被投下和腕子dorsiflexed 「羽毛覆蓋」槳或者翻轉對横拍的刀片froma垂直。 這羽毛覆蓋使能槳o移動回到抓住的位置,当使觸擊與刀片的水和改进減到最小空氣動力學的機會由越來越少的風抵抗时(图40.3)。 補救階段創始與胳膊和肩膀的引伸和向前...

    • 急徵電影關鍵時刻的對話

      ... a moment, then removes her engagement ring from her finger, and... takes the ring without protest. ... she sets the feathers on the table, and ...