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  1. rent

    • IPA[rent]


    • n.
      a large tear in a piece of fabric;an opening or gap resembling a tear in a piece of fabric
    • noun: rent, plural noun: rents

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    • rent-stabilized apartment ???

      rent-stabilized apartment是指租金年漲幅被管制的公寓 Rent stabilization sets maximum rates for annual rent increases and entitles tenants to receive required...

    • Rent house 翻譯 check

      Tom plans to rent a house nearby the officeto save the transportation time,he cannot afford the very...

    • 英文「rent」的用法

      ...rent有種詞性與用法.我試著以詞性還解釋和舉例好了: rent 名詞: the rent for this bicycle is $50 pre...tomorrow. / I will come back to you later. 4. rent可數不可數就要看狀況了. 比如之前的例子(the rent...