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  1. repair to

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      (成群地)常去, 聚眾而去
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    • 1. (成群地)常去, 聚眾而去 They often repaired to the seaside in summer. 他們夏天常去海濱。 We all repaired to a restaurant and drank coffee together. 我們都湧到餐廳, 一起喝咖啡。


    (成群地)常去, 聚眾而去

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    • 中翻英!!麻煩英文高手入內幫忙!!

      The business intelligence is repairing to teach the application of the industry The history...aim at these characteristics to understand to repair to teach the need of the industry learner and knows...

    • 我想知道 repair 跟 fix 的差別在哪裡?

      如果解釋成{修理},語意應該是一樣的fix--- to repair or correct sth: to mend, repair, or put in a proper state or good orderThe car...

    • 英文問題!教教我~~

      Repairs to the power station allowed communication to restore quickly...情況可以當可數或不可數名詞~ 修理工作;修補工作[P]Repairs must be done to the house before we move in.在我們搬進去之前,房屋必須整修...