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    • <20點>急!!!尋找英文達人,請替我中翻英!

      ...content life. Because after the zeus Hera's incantation, the sea glass unexpectedly personally kills the... suicide, zeus in order to let him make reparations, is the appointment for Ye Reese the...

    • 中文短篇作文,請幫忙翻譯成英文....20點

      ...fault or the other. If the damage was due to my carelessness, and it's not serious. I may compensate him depends on how much he asks for. I'll just pay the reparation if the amount sounds reasonable. Yet if the cost is high, I...

    • 請大家幫我翻譯這篇文章~~太專業了3

      嬰兒的破壞性的敦促的目標並且是嬰兒感覺深刻謝意的一個深深地被愛的圖(Klein 1964) 。這些感覺, 被結合充滿兒童的遺憾和哀痛在她或他的破壞; 起依據作用對於賠償幻想。這樣幻想意欲修理損傷和再次變換被殲滅的對象成一個整體對象。 投影證明的概念, 一些認為是一個必要...