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  1. repay

    • IPA[riːˈpeɪ]


    • v.
      pay back (a loan);pay back money borrowed from (someone)
    • verb: repay, 3rd person present: repays, gerund or present participle: repaying, past tense: repaid, past participle: repaid

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    • past and past participle of repay

    Oxford Dictionary

    • past and past participle of repay

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • IPA[rəˈpā]


    • v.
      pay back (a loan, debt, or sum of money): the loans were to be repaid over a 20-year period

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      要分析這句之前, 必須知道[repay]這個動詞有兩種不同的用法: I am sure he is not able to repay...上是可以的: I already owe you so much which I will only ever be able to repay with my affection and gratitude. [much]當先行詞, 關係代名詞[which]在子句中是...

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