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    repeal a law

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    • 英文單字用法英文單字用法英文單字用法

      ...重要性=有影響力,有權力,有地位) 2013-02-26 12:38:31 補充: If government repeals a law, it officially ends it, so that it is no longer valid. repeal...

    • 物理題目電力與電場

      .... Coulomb's Law : F = k * (q1*q2) / r^2 where..., we can conclude that they will repeal to each other. We can also conclude...identical. Let's give each charge a name relative to the square: q1 = at top...

    • 請問幾個翻譯上的問題(英文)!!

      ...影響的 可以 翻做 整個法院體系也無一倖免 to take and keep under review all the law 把所有的法律逐條檢討.....針對是否有系統的發展和改革, 包括....